FireFox Password

FireFox Password

FireFox Password recovers saved Firefox passwords
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If you cannot remember the login credentials that you have saved on your Mozilla Firefox profile, then you really need FireFox Password.
The program has a simple user interface with well-explained options. All you have to do is put the Firefox installation directory and the path for your profile in the program window. The program will find out these details by itself, so if you are not sure, leave them as they are.

If the user profile is protected with a master password, then the program won't be able to recover the saved passwords unless you enter the correct password. If you cannot remember it, you can brute force it or do a dictionary attack in order to crack it. The program has the ability to resume interrupted search by loading the Password Context File (.PWCF).

One of the best advantages of the program is that it lets you choose the user profile that you want. In addition, it recovers the saved usernames and passwords almost instantly. Moreover, it displays the URL for each login credential.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Requires the master password
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